hackensack NJ

September 15, 2006

History of Hackensack

Prior to being settled by the Dutch in 1693, Hackensack was home to the thriving Lenni Lenape Indian community that lived and prospered along the banks of the Hackensack River.

Bergen County was inhabited by the Achkinheshcky tribe, from which “Hackensack” was eventually derived. Hackensack means “mouth of a river.” The “Hackensacks” formed villages, each one practicing and serving as its own government. Interestingly enough, these villages practiced a democracy, where all members of the tribe were involved in the decision-making.

Once the Dutch arrived in Bergen County, they began to build the area into a permanent settlement they named Bergen. Through their dealings with the Chief of Hackensack, Oratam, the Dutch were able to live harmoniously with the Indians. By the mid-1600’s, the British began to arrive in the Hackensack area. From then until the Revolutionary War’s end in 1783, Hackensack was an area of unrest.

Upon the War’s end, Hackensack residents began organizing themselves into a functioning government.


For a girl…

August 6, 2006

What ill fortune has come over me!
Incessant thoughts of what could be.
An ocean’s pull, an unyielding tow
A few last breaths before I let go.

I don’t understand, there must be an error.
The bow has been drawn, its cord I can’t sever.
My sentence is near, some sort of trial,
“I plead guilty, Your Honor”, just to see her smile.